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Apr 29, 2022

Our name says it all. We only make products 100% natural. So it may seem strange to you that our juices be packaged in plastic bottles instead of glass and metal caps. It seems unnatural. But we explain why.

But they still use plastic bottles. Because?

It's a matter of weight, or rather pressure. The HPP process we use to preserve natural juices only works with plastic packaging. The glass bottles would burst under the pressure. Under Pressure, remember?

Only plastic packaging ensures that our natural juices arrive in your hands with the original features intact.

Even so, we have not forgotten our commitment to the environment. On the contrary, we are in line with the European Union's strategies to combat plastic pollution.

And what strategies are these?

In May 2019, the European Union approved a directive to reduce the impact of plastic on the environment and promote the transition to a circular economy.

The measures started by banning the use of some single-use plastics until 2021, but Member States have set bigger targets. By 2025, plastic bottles will have to contain at least 25% recycled material. Here at Sonatural We have already surpassed that goal.

Bottles with 50% R-PET

The bottles of our juices contain at least 50% r-PET (recycled PET plastic). PET is a resistant and recyclable plastic used to manufacture beverage and food packaging. But r-PET is even better because it can be made into various products, like insulation materials and textiles.

In addition to the packages having a higher percentage of recycled material than required, their carbon footprint is lower than that of glass and they are 100% recyclable. It's a win-win situation.

Even so, we know that more needs to be done for the environment. That's why we don't stop here.

Sustainability is at our roots

Here we do not distinguish the fruit. If it's natural, we use it. That's why we give fruit and vegetables that aren't sold at retail a chance. 100% natural, 100% fighting food waste.

The fibers left over from Sonatural products are used in agriculture. It's a good push to get the circular economy moving.

Just talk about the sun. We are working so that the energy used in our factory is exclusively solar.

Is almost!

At Sonatural, health always comes first. Whether it's yours or the planet's. This is our commitment.

So, from our side, expect more natural juices, more functional shots, more smoothies, more healthy salads and more quick meals. Always Natural, Always Under Pressure.

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