And There you go,
this is how we do
your Sonnatural

That our juices and products are super healthy,
we already know. Just need to explain why?

First, Nature works its magic and gives us the best fruits and vegetables.

Then come the advanced methods of extracting and bottling the juices.

It is through Cold Press and HPP that we extract the juice with all the nutrients, in addition to eliminating unwanted microorganisms.

This is how we get natural and healthy juices, with all their original properties. Without adding anything at all! Simple.

But do you want to know how we do it in practice?


Cold Press is the method of extracting juice from fruits
and cold vegetables. It's like a giant juicer.

Hydraulic pressure on the ingredients causes the juice to be extracted cold, without using heat or friction during extraction, which means that all the essential vitamins, minerals, color and flavor remain intact.



But now questions: doesn't pasteurization also give validity?

Aim, but when extracting the juice through heat, the flavor, color and other properties lose their original quality.

Cold Press, along with HPP, maintains the original aroma, color and flavor of food, in addition to preserving all nutrients.


Right after extracting the freshest and tastiest juices, it's time to bottle them. The bottles then enter a "magical" machine. That's where the HPP (High Pressure Processing) technology starts to work.

HPP uses high cold water pressures (approx. 5o) - which corresponds to 60 kilometers deep in the ocean, times the depth of the deepest place in the oceans, the Mariana Trench - to eliminate unwanted microorganisms, thus increasing , the validity of our juices is up to 80 days.

Voilà, a fresh juice, as if freshly made at home, but with a shelf life of 80 days! Now you ask: is pasteurization not valid too?

Yes, but when extracting the juice through heat, the flavor, color and other properties lose their original quality. Cold Pressed, along with HPP, maintains the food's original aroma, color and flavor, in addition to preserving all the vitamins.

All this without having to resort to preservatives, sugars or even water. Here only fruit and vegetables enter!

but what is
at the bottom of bottles?

It may seem strange, but it's a sign that this is the most natural juice there is!

Juices made from fresh fruit and vegetables are called sedimentation.

With time and the force of gravity, the original pulp of the fruit separates from the juice and accumulates at the bottom of the bottle.

When you have several juices in front of you and you don't know which one is the best, remember sedimentation.

It's proof that you're looking at a super fresh and nutritious juice!



But why are we the other way around?

We tell you that you should always shake before drinking a Sonatural juice, precisely because of sedimentation.

Now, when you turn the bottle upside down to read the label, we are already doing it for you.

The juice is mixed and ready to drink!