It's all natural

Our name says it all. Sonatural is a brand of healthy, 100% natural food products.

Proudly Portuguese and with 10 years of great pressure, we develop outstanding products.

The secret is simple: we choose the freshest ingredients and use innovative technologies to keep all the nutrients and the original flavor.

It is not by chance that our products have the color, aroma and all the flavor of fruits and vegetables.

It is because they are, simply, only natural.

This is our way of being

We are healthy by nature. That's our style and we don't leave anyone out.

Healthy eating and drinking is for everyone.

Whether for breakfast or a snack, whether at work, at the gym or on a picnic, or even a snack in the middle of the night, we are always there and you will see that everything is so good that you will even want to repeat it!

The world where we live
it's constant pressure.

Pressure to be good parents, good children and good colleagues.

Pressure to be healthy, active and diligent. It's a lot of pressure together.

But it is under pressure that we give our best and that we turn around!

At Sonatural, it's the same! It was under pressure that we found the way to be better and healthier. And it is under pressure that we extract and preserve our juices.

The Cold Press method extracts the best and freshest juice from the ingredients. It's the cold pressing that keeps the vitamins and nutrients, and still preserves the original color and flavor.

HPP (High Pressure Processing) technology uses high pressures to eliminate unwanted microorganisms. This prolongs the shelf life of food, without using artificial preservatives.