Cold Pressed e HPP vs Pasteurização
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Cold Pressed and HPP vs Pasteurization

Apr 29, 2022

Innovation in the production of natural juices and healthy salads

Juices and natural salads ahead

It is normal to worry about having as natural a diet as possible. But it's no longer just about eating healthy, it's about being aware of where food comes from and how it's produced. So let's talk about the production and conservation processes.

Since the origin of civilization, there has been a need to increase the shelf life of products. Before there were refrigerators, preserves were made with salt and vinegar.

Now the techniques have evolved. And ours are the best. Here, we only use methods that do not alter the food. That's why our fruit juices, smoothies, hummus and salads are 100% natural.

Cold Pressed

Cold Pressed is the method that uses cold pressing. It's like a giant juicer that uses a hydraulic press to extract juice from fruits and vegetables. In addition to maintaining the flavor and natural properties of food, it does not use additives or preservatives. Only what is good remains.

High Pressure Processing (HPP)

But there are still more innovative technologies. Before reaching consumers, products must be preserved. Usually, sugars and other preservatives are added. Not at Sonatural.

High Pressure Processing (HPP) technology makes non-thermal pasteurization. In other words, it eliminates unwanted microorganisms and prolongs the shelf life of the products. All this without touching its original features. Here everything is very well maintained.

But how is it possible, you ask yourself?

Then, the packages are sealed in a machine, where they are subjected to cold water at high pressures. And because it is cold, the food has all the good properties and without the microorganisms that nobody wants. But it doesn't stop here. This method is still responsible for increasing the shelf life of products up to 80 days.

Do you know what pasteurization is?

Although HPP is considered pasteurization, the differences are large. Let's go back a little bit. Pasteurization is a technique created by Louis Pasteur to eliminate microbes from wine and reduce its acidity. This method uses heat to eliminate microorganisms and deactivate the enzymes responsible for food spoilage. Until now, this was the way to guarantee food safety and extend shelf life. The problem is that pasteurization changes some characteristics of foods.

With HPP none of this happens. This makes it the most effective method for preserving natural fruit juices and healthy salads.

Natural juices, smoothies, hummus and healthy salads with 100% flavor

It is with this double pressure of Cold Press and HPP that Sonatural is only natural. It is a case to say: Under Pressure.

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