Uma fauna de probióticos para a tua flora
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A fauna of probiotics for your flora

Aug 25, 2022

Now, what about this intestinal flora, is it balanced? It may seem like a strange question to you, but the intestinal flora is essential for our health and for our defenses. That's why you should walk on top of it to see if it's under control. This is where probiotics come in to help you.

But first, we introduce you to probiotics

the probiotics sThey are live microorganisms, present in the intestine, that contribute to the general health of the organism.

You can find them in various fermented foods, foods, medicines and supplements.

The ABC's of gut flora

The gut has thousands of different microorganisms. They are bacteria, fungi, viruses and others. This all together constitutes the flora intestinal and it is from here that we obtain energy from food and that we synthesize essential vitamins.

A flora intestinal it is also responsible for the functioning of your digestion, for the defense against harmful micro-organisms and also facilitates the absorption of minerals such as magnesium, calcium and iron. In addition to all this work, it is also thanks to it that the immune system distinguishes between beneficial and harmful substances.

And of course, with such an important job, the flora intestinal influences your body, from appetite control to mood.

The problems of an uprooted flora

There are several things that can unbalance your flora: bad diet, medication or even genetics. In the long term, this imbalance can contribute to the development of various pathologies such as diabetes, obesity, cancer and intestinal diseases. But calm down, fear nothing. Probiotics are here to help you.

Probiotics: The Super Microorganisms

Small in theory, giant in practice. Probiotics strengthen the immune system, promote nutrient absorption and improve digestion. They also help to lower cholesterol levels and regulate intestinal transit.

And since they help balance the flora intestinal, are also good for preventing and fighting intestinal diseases.

An ally against intestinal diseases

In recent years, the probiotics gained prominence in relieving symptoms of diseases such as Crohn's disease, a colitis it's at irritable bowel syndrome. Although we need more scientific evidence, there are already studies that show a beneficial action of probiotics in improving the symptoms of these diseases.

A Colitis IIntestinal inflammation that causes alternating periods of diarrhea and constipation. already the Crohn's disease it's an ichronic inflammation that can affect any region of the digestive tract with ulcer formation. By helping to reduce inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, probiotics have been used to control these diseases. Same for the irritable bowel syndrome. A disease of the gastrointestinal tract with symptoms of abdominal pain, altered stool pattern, abdominal distention, and discomfort.

I like it, I want it, but where can I find it?

There is something for all tastes. In tablets, added to food products or even through consumption of natural probiotics. And of course, on your Sonatural.

Oh yeah, the sums of Living Cultures and Sonatural contain the number of good bacteria we should ingest daily. A blend of fresh fruit pressure with 1000 million Live Cultures (CFU*). The result is 2 shots of Living Cultures and 2 sums of Living Cultures refreshing, easy to digest and that strengthen your defenses, ideal to consume daily.

Now, it's time to alternate our shots with probiotic foods. Fermented foods, such as yogurt, kefir, fermented milk, pickles and some hard cheeses with a higher degree of fermentation are good examples. They have a greater influence on the balance of flora intestinal.

But remember, none of this works overnight. There are no miracles. Probiotics are a great help, but the secret is to keep a balanced diet constantly.

* Colony-Forming Unit. A CFU is defined as a single, viable propagule that produces a single colony (a population of the cells visible to the naked eye) on an appropriate semisolid growth medium.

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