Of the good and the best

It's easy to talk about the advantages of Sonatural products. As we use 100% natural ingredients and produce with advanced methods, the benefits are equal to fresh fruits and vegetables. All without dyes, preservatives, added sugars or water, but with all the nutrients you need.

Naturally sustainable

It is because we care so much about the quality of what we produce that we have a lot of respect for the planet.

Call us responsible, but here, the environment comes first.

  • 100% recyclable packaging

    Our plastic packaging has at least 50% r-Pet (recycled plastic) and a lower carbon footprint than glass. In addition, they are 100% recyclable.

  • Fighting waste

    For us, the fruit is all beautiful. Even the “ugly fruit”. It is with it that we fight food waste using fruits and vegetables that are not sold at retail.

  • circular economy

    It's like they say: nothing is lost, everything is transformed. The fiber left over from food is not wasted, it is used in agriculture and soon in a new Sonatural range.

  • On the way to solar energy

    The sun is one of our allies. And we are working with him to be even more. We want, soon, all the energy used in our factory to be exclusively solar. Is almost.