• How can I join the Sonatural Prime subscription?
Choose the product or products you want to subscribe to, select the method “Subscribe and receive every…” and choose the frequency that suits you best (15 or 30 days) and add it to the cart! You can then proceed with the order as usual. From that moment on, the subscription will be active and you should receive an order confirmation email with payment details for your order to be processed. After 15 or 30 days, depending on the subscription frequency you selected, you will automatically receive an email with the payment details for your new order, with a 5% discount!
    • Can I cancel my Sonatural Prime subscription?
    Yes you can. In your customer area you will have an option that allows you to cancel the subscription.
      • What do I need to do to receive my Sonatural Prime subscription?
      To join, you will only have to add the products you want to subscribe to your cart and follow the steps indicated.
      • What payment methods are available?
      As for other Sonatural orders, the available payment methods are: Credit Card, Paypal, MB Way and Multibanco.
        • How do I know when I will receive my subscription?
        Your subscription is processed every 15 or 30 days from the day of your first purchase, depending on the frequency you have selected. Whenever this period of time passes, you will receive an email with payment details. After payment, as soon as your order is processed, you will receive a confirmation email.
          • If I need to change the subscription processing date, how do I do that?
          If you just want to postpone the shipping date, you can contact us via email info@sonatural.pt
            • What products can I order by subscription?
            You can find all the products available for Sonatural Prime customers on the Prime page of our online store.https://shop.sonatural.pt/collections/prime
              • What happens if I receive an incomplete subscription order?

              In the event that a product is missing from a delivery, it will be sent as soon as possible.

              • Can I add multiple products to my subscription?

              To create a subscription with more than one different product, simply add the various products to your cart and complete the purchase together.
              The products will automatically be in the same subscription.

              • What are the benefits of joining Prime plans?

              In addition to not having to to remember from ordering your usual order, from the moment you pay for the first order you get a 5% discount on ALL future shipments of your Prime plan! In addition to all this, you will also have access to exclusive advantages that we will make especially for you.

              • Is your question none of these?
              You can contact us via email info@sonatural.pt